Thursday, May 6, 2010


My final project for my Intro to Comics class-there are a few mistakes/ugly panels that I intend to go back and fix.  At least Zak Sally didn't tell me I fucked it up.

Then again, he didn't say I didn't. D:

I made this comic because I was forced to. Kind of. In general, I like rather mundane comics, and have a tendency to appreciate the more tragic/sad ones.  But anyhow, we had to develop two separate story lines for class, and our peers voted on which one they liked best.

Apparantly, my peers love dead kittens.

On a slightly happier note, I just got a shit ton of comics half price, (By shit ton, I mean...5.) including Shazaam, Fell, and Modesty Blaise. I also picked up at full price, Skim, which completely blew my mind.  The art work is stunning, and the coming of age story is dead on.  It was a lovely read.

Well, back to working on finals.

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