Monday, March 29, 2010

Comic Bio and Zak Sally

...well, that's what this post would have been about, had I not left my thumb drive with all of my recent comic scans at my apartment.  So, as soon as I get home, comics about Zak Sally and my horrible nightmares about class with him (by horrifying, I mean, rather ridiculous.  Every week I dream about that class the night before I have it.  They're rather bizarre dreams that often mix comics and Star Trek, for some reason), and my 2 page, horribly done biography about Jeffrey Brown.  Well, more like two pages of commentary on his work over the years.

But since I'm on my spring break, I've headed back home (thus without my thumb drive), and have been visiting my grandparents.  Both of my grandfathers were recently released from the hospital, and are doing better, but far from in the clear.  I'm just happy I get to see everyone again.

Other than that, recently I have been trying to finish commissions that people have been harassing me for, and rereading a bunch of comics.  In particular, Mother, Come Home.  I am continuously amazed by Mother, and I enjoy finding all the small details and tie ins that I never noticed before.  And I'm rereading Black Hole, which continues to awe and creep me out.

I guess that's about it, hopefully I will have some artwork up this week, if I can locate a scanner or a decent camera.

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